Star Wars : Old Republic {Edit : 29-12}

I between being an ace “Unkl Trel”, I managed to squeeze in 15 levels of the newly (and hotly antici…pated MMO Star Wars : Old Republic).

Will post more about it another time – although the gfx aren’t as detailed as say Skyrim, Aion etc. it is incredibly addictive and stylistic, and storylines are very compelling. I chose to be a Jedi Consular – and went down the Light Side (goody two-shoes meh), but became a Jedi Shadow (dual-bladestaff). Oarsum! ^_^

{EDIT : 29-12-11}

Added more pics on SkyDrive for you to enjoy! ^_^ (Furry & Star – look forward to catching up after Aion!)

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Planetside II

Shaping up very nicely….

Three Empire Design Video — Director’s Cut


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Trelawney’s Adventures in Skyrim

Here are some screenshots from my adventures in Skyrim – these don’t do the originals justice but gives you a taste.

Skyrim (Max Settings) + Samsung 40″ LED TV looks amazing… enjoy!

Trelawney’s Adventures in Skryim

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Ellen’s Day 3 of 12 Days of Christmas

Surreal >8o)

Skip to 1 min 45 s – hysterical

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