Back from Dublin

Well after 3 really busy but fun weeks at Fu Jau Martial Arts Academy working on the MAS system and website, the time came to start my new life at Accenture / Microsoft.
The team i’m joining was keen for me to begin work on a project, so I started two weeks earlier than expected, but in reality i’ve always enjoyed being thrown in at the deep end – wheyhey!
– Days #1 & 2, I flew out to the Microsoft Dublin offices – and what a great reception I received – everyone was so helpful!
Tomorrow I start at Microsoft Thames Valley Park in Reading where I rendevous with the team that’s just returned from Barcelona. Loads to look forward to!
Despite the non-stop schedule, we still managed to get out for a couple of really nice walks over the weekend, and my web collateral for the new Fu Jau website is shaping up nicely,
In the last few weeks, i’ve also managed to hook up with Nick, Phil, Aymee (Katie & Daniel), Tracy, Helen, Leanne, Cheryl, Vanessa and of course the lovely Natalie, in addition to a great weekend in Swansea to see my family, so plenty of social engagements to balance out the work. Sis’s family have had stomach bugs so i’ve not been over for a few weeks, so need to catch up – and deliver some ‘late’ Christmas presents that somehow ended up in Swansea by accident!
The only drawback is that i’ve not had much time to play around with Vue 6 now we’ve gotten it launched, but I have been having loads of fun with some compositing project in AE 7.0, which i’ve been dying to get around to in ages!
Some good news – since reaching Red-Belt in kick-boxing, i’ve also been promoted to the top course at Fu Jau – the prestigious Leadership Course. Very *very* intensive training, but will be worth it to get in even better shape for Spring!
( – I still think that Natalie packs a meaner punch than the World Champions in our club though .. ow ow ow!  )
Right – 06:00 start tomorrow, so just finishing watching CSI on TV, then off to the land of Ctrl+Alt+Zzzzz
Take care all!
>>–> Trelawney