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Just had a fabulous weekend. My sister treated my father and me to a helicopter flight around Mapledurham Estate here . Although it was a rainy day, we were among the last to fly, and we were surprised when my brother in law and nephew turned up unexpectedly to see us fly. Here’s me and my nephew sporting ‘grandad’s cap’ (below). We asked the pilot to fly over TVP (work) and got some decent footage. Can’t wait to have a play with the video.

Dad and I had a great time ^_^ – Thanks for arranging sis, even if we did forget the cream tea after!

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R.I.P. Richard ‘Kip’ Carpenter

AssignmentX Article (thanks to Natalie for forwarding!)

ROBIN OF SHERWOOD creator Richard Carpenter 

ROBIN OF SHERWOOD creator Richard Carpenter

Richard Carpenter, creator of the British series’ CATWEAZLE, THE GHOSTS OF MOTLEY HALL, DICK TURPIN, SMUGGLER, ADVENTURER and the iconic ROBIN OF SHERWOOD, died yesterday, Feb. 26, at his home in Hertfordshire, England. He was 78 years old. Cause of death was given as heart attack.

Anthony Horowitz, creator/writer of the FOYLE’S WAR television series and author of the best-selling Alex Ryder action thriller novels, last year told the British daily THE GUARDIAN that Carpenter had given him his start as a screenwriter in the third season of ROBIN OF SHERWOOD.

Horowitz said, “It was one of the biggest shows on television. It was as though an unknown writer was given six episodes of DOWNTON ABBEY, but Richard, who was known as Kip, just said, ‘Go for it!’ … I wrote five episodes … Richard Carpenter taught me how to get into a scene and how to get out of it. He was my starting point … I had the greatest time of my life working on the show.”

Born in Norfolk, England, Carpenter started in show business as an actor before turning to writing scripts. In addition to his original creations, he also did television adaptations of THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL, THE BORROWERS, BLACK BEAUTY, STANLEY’S DRAGON and I WAS A RAT, among other credits. However, the three seasons of ROBIN OF SHERWOOD are arguably Carpenter’s best-known work

ROBIN OF SHERWOOD Blu-ray box artROBIN OF SHERWOOD Blu-ray box art

Although ROBIN went out of production in 1985 and had its last set of first-run episodes broadcast in 1986, many of the cast and crew remain close in 2012 and there is still an active fandom. Carpenter appreciated this high degree of camaraderie among both his ROBIN colleagues and their admirers.

In an interview that is part of the making-of documentary on the ROBIN OF SHERWOOD DVDs (and now Blu-rays), Carpenter said, “If I was in any way responsible for people having a friendship that has lasted, then I’m very proud of that. I’m sort of as proud of that as I am of the series, because that’s even more important than a series, actually. It really is.”

Carpenter is survived by his wife Annabel Lee, children Harriet and Tom, and two grandsons.

In reply to the Robin of Sherwood fan-club, Jeremy Bulloch (Edward of Wickham) had this to say…

Hi Christine
yes it’s very sad news.
I spoke to Annie this morning and she is very shocked.
Tom & Harriet are being a great comfort to her.Here are a few words on my feelings about Kip.
Nothing is Forgotten and Kip will certainly never be  far from our thoughts.
My memories of the long days filming and Kip’s quiet way of asking for the
dialogue not to be changed too much kept the Merries in their place.
I felt very honoured to play the part of “Edward of Wickham”and I was surprised
that we didn’t do a fourth season.
Thanks to you Kip for letting me play the part of the holy village leader.
You’ll never be forgotten.Never.
R.I.P. Kip, you will be missed but your legacy remains.
Nothing’s forgotten. Nothing is ever forgotten!
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Time for tea…

Just back from Dusseldorf airport, to snowy UK, after an amazing week at Münster, Gütersloh and Dortmund, with some of the best of the best in the industry (you guys know who you are! ^_^)

I was intrigued by an advert for Chai Tea Latte for my Dolce Gusto – so have ordered some to try (along with a huge stock of other pods I seem to consume at a rate of knots) What do you think of this:

“We’ve gathered together all the exotic, spicy charm of a Chai Tea Latte and brought it straight to your front door. With a delicious blend of cinnamon, ginger, cloves and cardamon, with a dash of sugar and some delightfully frothy milk  – it’s perfect for those who like their tea with a spoonful of the exotic.”


Time to unwind this weekend, then prepare for Szczecin Tues/Wed and Dublin Thurs/Fri. I have Brno (Czech Republic), Tallinn (Estonia), Herzlia (Israel) in the coming weeks, so apologies if I don’t update much.

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My day in pictures..

with a bit of…

but on the whole…

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Smiles and Magic Moments

I’m starting to feel better after being a bit run-down this week and off work, but the quiet time has given me breathing space away from non stop work, tv, pc and phone. Call it serendipity, but I’ve got a good feeling about 2012. I’ve spent years see saw-ing work-life balance, and have used work (for which i’m passionate as I work at my dream company, doing my dream job) as an excuse for hiding from fulfilling my personal life. I don’t have any goals (e.g. marriage/kids), but I have a strong sense of right and wrong and desire to help and share, and have learned that real reward comes from doing what is right, and not doing something in expectation of reward. There’s a fine line, but if you soul-search, it’s easy for us to admit that we’re all perhaps a little too fond of hedonistic lifestyle? Whilst that’s fine for a while, it’s like eating the icing on the cake. Certainly there’s a sugar rush, but you don’t feel you’ve eaten anything substantial, true? I don’t for a moment suggest we give away all our wordly posessions and go off to a 3rd world country to teach kids (which /hats-off to those who do!), but even the smallest of gestures can start an avalanche – even a smile. Maybe it’s a sign of age, being sentimental or perhaps the opportunity to quietly reflect on life, but I just wanted to share the sentiment to anyone who may find this post, and give them a moment to reflect too that it’s not just you who may feel lost in life.

Smiling is infectious, You catch it like the flu,

When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too.  

I passed around the corner, And someone saw my grin.

When he smiled I realised I’d passed it on to him.  

I thought about that smile then I realized its worth,

A single smile, just like mine could travel round the earth.  

So, if you feel a smile begin, don’t leave it undetected

Let’s start an epidemic quick, and get the world infected!

This butterfly marks a turning point in my life from several years ago. At a time when life had been challenging, the simple act of this beautiful butterfly landing on my shoulder one day at Cliveden near where I live, changed my life around. Maybe this was the fabled ‘Butterfly Effect’ in action! I was amazed that it came out so well, but wanted to /share in the hope that you all find your butterflies.

❤ & hugs to all! ^_^

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This is me at work

Uncanny … ^_^


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How English People Sound to Americans

Yee Ning (BTE!) :- this is for your viewing pleasure ^_^

“Nut cracker!” (said with an Eliza Doolittle accent)


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StandOut Training

Now it’s not often that I post personal stuff here, but I’m prepared to bare all today, and let you know the results of a recent assessment I took.

Markus Buckingham’s StandOut training was an interesting insight, and our group all took this so we better understood the team dynamics. Here’s my results. Do you think this captures me well or not? (no right/wrong answer)

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