Carpe Diem Rides Again!

Great to also catch up with old college / band chums, Andy and Paul – good to see ya guys!
A blast from the past, Paul has kindly re-hosted our old website circa 1999!
P.S. if anyone needs some website advice, then Paul is your man (of many talents):
– Web site or Myspace® page design
– Video Recording incl. upload to Web Sites e.g: You Tube®
– Add online CD sales to your site at minimal cost

– Advice on hosting, domain names, technical support.

email for further information or a quote.

>>—> Trelawney

The Monkey’s Fist

A big congratulations to Cheryl and Dan who have given up everything to start their new business on Hayling Island :
A big ‘up’ for Leanne who has helped them get their shop ready, and a super all-round superstar! Star
May your dream come true – good luck guys!
>>—> Trelawney

An Uphill Battle

Ahoy friends Romans and extraterrestrials!
Well since my last blog, I am pleased to report (several weeks late however) that Natalie did a grrreat job with her Race for life finishing in 37 minutes, and made wongas of dosh for Cancer Research, so thanks to everyone who kindly supported her! (Also congratulations to Rachel and Sarah who did theirs some weeks earlier – so everyone is getting fit! Next year they are allowing men to run as well – so I said I the men might make an effort if the women wore bikinis or something..
Art wise – I got my Adobe CS3 Master Collection – yay!
Had a flying visit up to see Phil, Aymee, Katie and Daniel (how quickly the kids grow!), briefly Nick, and also down to fair Swansea to see Mum and Dad. The other weeks have been a blur of long hours at work, but now i’m managing deployment projects in Dublin, Kingston, Paris, Dortmund, Berlin, Maastricht, Amsterdam, Milan, Athens, Copenhagen, Pitea, Ljubljana, Moscow, Brno, Tallinn, La Coruna. Mumbai, Casablanca and of course reporting to Redmond Seattle HQ – so if nothing else, i’m getting to know my EMEA geography again!
Not to mention "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" – wow, what an ending to a (literally) spellbinding series!
If you haven’t got it, get it, and if you have it, then buy the Audio CDs too – Stephen Fry is brilliant!
It’s been an uphill battle, and if anyone wishes to share this, then feel free to download my latest image:
Enjoy and take care!
>>—> Trelawney