Joust ’06 & Cliveden Video Fun!

So – MSN Spaces have become Windows Live now eh?
The new interface takes a bit of getting used to, but there are loads of new features to play around with, ‘rah!
Went to Joust ( again this year, but took my DV Camcorder instead of my trusty Camera.
( I Couldn’t resist trying to recreate Robin Of Sherwood – bless ‘im!  )
It’s the same clip running in the Windows Live Window…
Double-click the movie on the left to make it full screen & access to the controls.
Also recently had a visit from one of my best friends from College (Phil). Good to see you buddy!
Thanks to Aymee for letting him come out to play, heh!
We went to Cliveden in Taplow, and had a bit of fun:
Well that’s your lot for now. I can’t officially tell you anything else i’m working on – but maybe I will point you to  
Take care guys, and enjoy whatever’s left of the Summer!
>>—> Trelawney