Dragon Coast

Thanks to Linda for her Incredibly Lucious Tropical Paradise (www.incrediblylush.com), I set about reworking a scene i’d made using Vue 5 Infinite using the spankingly new and cool Vue 6 Infinite!
By reworking the Materials into multiple Layers, it has now become possible to create some incredibly detailed and complex EcoSystems based upon Altitude, Slope, Distribution Maps and Maths/Function Functions each layer having it’s own set of rules.
The upshot? The Island is just 1 Material, as is the Water. The investment to get these materials to work was well worth it – I hope you agree!

>>–> Trelawney

Torchwood Willowbrook

Poor Mum & Dad, sister and Natalie all had heavy colds over Christmas – thankfully I made until New Year … just!
Technically I escaped it last year (2006), but finally caved in after a great New Year’s party at Rachel flat, so spent the last few days watching DVDs, listening to Audio Books, and playing around with some new ideas.
Much to my surprise over Christmas, I learned that Mum & dad liked watching Torchwood the new Doctor Who spin-off, set in Wales (probably more for the Welsh connection than anything else), so I set about doing something just for them…

Here is my send-up to emulate the Torchwood intro credits:

Video Version (20Mb – Best Quality) – AVI

Flash Version (4Mb – Lower Quality) – Flash

Hope you have a chuckle too! :)  

Nadolig Llawen r Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!
>>—> Trelawney

Happy New Year!

First a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!
I hope the seasonal excesses were all worth it, that Santa brought you everything you asked for, and that the hangovers mean I won’t have to worry about TYPING TOO LOUDLY!!
For those who missed my Christmas Card, here it is … so save it for next Christmas and then act all surprised!
As you can see – it’s just a load of balls…
>>—> Trelawney