Last of the Spartans … and Happy Birthday Sis!

Hello again all! – Had a good week so far?
"Today I are mostly experimenting with Complex Skin Shaders…" 
Just back from Yoga and (as usual) I feel on top-of-the-world and as ‘light as a feather’.
Funny thing – but sometimes the best ideas come to me when i’m asleep, soaking in the bath, playng the guitar or just meditating. Maybe I should spend more time just a-kipping!
This was the result of an experimental render I did trying to make the skin of my 3d models look more realistic.
I call this image "Last Of The Spartans" – i’ll do a proper render when I get around to it.
Take care
>>—> Trelawney
P.S. I also wanted to wish a belated Happy Birthday to my sister for last Monday!

Happy Summer Solstice … and Happy Birthday Mum!

Tuesday 21st was both a very warm Summer Solstice and my Mum’s birthday!

I’m posting a couple of days late (it’s been too nice to spend much time on the computer this week), but I did a quick render of a Stone Circle after watching Channel 5’s Stone Henge live which was pretty cool. Did anyone else see it?

Have a great week!

>>—> Trelawney

Happy Fathers Day Dad!

Happy Fathers Day Dad!

Here’s a picture I made for you – Thanks for always being there for me!



>>—> Trelawney (aka Son)

Summer is here!

It’s been a hot weekend  – Summer is well and truly here!

I love walking around Pinewood and Black Park – always something to inspire me, and my MP3 Player can take ‘ickle’ pics if I see something cool.

Sunbathing is best left for lobsters (..he said hiding his sore shoulders ), so I decided to find shelter indoors, a healthy meal, a nice cool drink, and now it’s time to play around with MSN Spaces. – So far it’s been a doddle to set up, and some fun to customise.

Well, I have no idea if anyone will ever read this, but hey I get to put a few photos here that I couldn’t upload to my regular webspace due to some 3D animations i’ve been working on (they gobble space) .

My latest animation is a tribute to Mark Ryan who played Nasir from the ’80s TV Series "Robin Of Sherwood". The 20th anniversary convention is this month in Michigan, but I won’t be able to make it.


Nasir Tribute Animation (click me!)

Nasir Image 1 (click me!)

Nasir Image 2 (click me!)

Nasir Image 3 (click me!)

Nasir Image 4 (click me!)

N.B. Some of the above images may since have been pulled to make room for others.

Please e-mail me if you’d like the full sized versions – Cheers! >8o)




I was on a Pub Quiz team last night, and for the second week running (different quiz and some same team memers) managed to be on the winning team – ‘rah!

My red wine collection is building up quite nicely!

Have a great weekend!


>>—> Trelawney

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