Black-Tie Balls that is … Fun, but I can never get used to doing up my bow-tie – So the subject says it all!
Anyhow a great evening out, lots of fun, but i’m off now for an adventure with "Mr. Kips and the Sleepy Heads of Noddy Land".
>>—> Trelawney

A Veritable Feast of Photos!

 A Jousting We Will Go!

I’ve been sorting through all the Joust Medieval Festival photos and have just uploaded the Joust Festival Photo Library with a second batch of 120 photos on top of the previous 30 or so I already posted. Crickey!
The ones i’m especially pleased with are the photos which capture something meaningful such as a chid’s delighted expression, a relaxed pose of knights getting ready for battle, the action of the battles (including some arrows in flight!) and the exhausted (but happy) faces of everyone as they leave the battlefield.
Notwithstanding, the performers and participants that kindly spoke with me to describe their crafts and let me ‘capture their spirits‘ as they went about their work. Cheers!
Oh yes … did I forget to mention I have a few shots of the Medieaval Baebes too? I thought that might get your attention…
There are quite a lot of photos to get through, but I think I selected the best ones – I hope you agree? So – grab a cuppa tea, put the slideshow into full-sized mode and about 80% speed, sit back, relax and enjoy some of the magic moments from the first day of the festival.
If anyone that participated at the Festival and allowed me to take their photos – thank you! 
>>—> Trelawney
P.S. It also helps if you hum the music from Robin Of Sherwood as you watch the slideshow … but hey i’m biased!

Fiona and Phoebe…

I’ve always wanted to do a realistic close up render of a CGI character, however until recently this hasn’t been possible on a home PC (see the
Last of the Spartans further down the site – an earlier test).
With a little bit of imagination, some time, effort and a sprinkling of magic, here are two characters called Fiona and Phoebe that i’m using to test my ideas out on.
Lucky me!
Here’s the full size image (1600×1200) of my favourite so far :


 >>—> Trelawney

Joust Festival (Berkeley Castle) – 23rd July ’05

Just back from the Joust Medieval Festival, and what a great day it turned out to be!
Just unloading my camera this (rainy) afternoon, so I will be uploading images of Medieaval Combat, Crafts, Events, brave Knights and gorgeous Babes!
( All images are now uip – about 30 + 120 that makes … erm … lots!? )
>>—> Trelawney

Fairford Air Show – 16th July ’05

 Biggles McTrelawney Gingery-Biscuit Reports! 

I’m running a week behind my updates – I went to the amazing Fairford Air Show last weekend.

I will upload a cross section of the (2Gb!) of pictures I took from that very hot day!
I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed taking them!
(See Fairford Airshow Photo Album for the full set!)
>>—> Trelawney

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

What another fantastic story! – JKR Thank you!
So what did you lot think then? – I see the various forums are buzzing with much speculation and rumour!

 Warning Spoiler Alert 
– Read only after reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – 

Great sources for Harry Potter  news and gossip: 
Feel free to contribute under Comments, but please be nice and respect everyone’s opinions. Well okay, except if they are from Slytherin and if their parents are clearly Death Eaters…
>>—> Trelawney
P.S. Adding some new stills from the forthcoming HP: GoF film

Cloistered Enchantress

Taking her repose in the sacred Cloister of Littlebrook, the beautiful Enchantress of Ishtar, Lucrezia de Lowry reflected upon her recent escape and flight from the evil clutches of the Baron Roderick von Beddoe.
Here she would be safe for a time…
Suddenly she sensed the almost silent approach of someone bearing a sputtering torch. – Something was wrong…
The sound of a blade being slowly drawn from it’s scabbard caused the hairs to raise on the nape of her neck.
‘He’s here!’, she thought … ‘This has to end here and now’.
A shimmering ball of energy started to coalesce in her upturned hand.
Hurt and disoriented at her sudden flight, the Baron decided he was going to make everything alright again. He would make ammends for his recent absence. The wars had changed him. There was so much she didn’t know.
To prove his loyalty, he would offer his sword in open love and service to Lucrezia, once and for all.
She looked so beautiful in repose in the Cloister. He didn’t want to disturb her, so he quietly drew near bearing a torch to light the way through the shadows.
Slowly drawing his sword, he prepared to offer it to her as a Knight’s Pledge, to swear his heartfelt oath, and win back her heart.
Everything would be alright once again… of this he was certain….
Here’s the full size image (1600×1200) :


>>—> Trelawney

Medieval Beauty in the Cloister

I’ve been playing around with a detailed model of a Medieval Cloister and decided to add a figure to help bring it to life, and animated the water in the fountain for when / if I create a fly-through sequence.
I may even add a garden … hmmm what do you think?
Here are my work-in-progress renders.
>>—> Trelawney

Dem Bones…

Remember Jason and the Argonauts and The Voyage of Sinbad?
Well Ray Harryhausen was the pioneer of Stop Gap Animation – and always brought to life those creatures of legend to wreak havoc and terror upon our heroes, including that unforgettable fight with the Skeletons!
I created a scene that reminded me of something from one of those films. (I also created an animation sequence of two skeletons fighting each other, but I need to work on it a little more).
Quick – hide behind the sofa!
>>—> Trelawney

Wish You Were Here … The Movie!

 Trelawney’s Dream in the Movies!

Following my previous "Wish You Were Here" Blog, I managed to take things a step further and animate my dream, incorporating more detail.

It’s not often a dream stays around long enough to be captured, but I think i’ve finally managed to do it on this occasion (see below)!  

Here’s the Movie link (16Mb Animation) :

Here’s the full size image (1600×1200) :



Hope you like!
>>—> Trelawney

Wish You Were Here
– I see a circular island in the middle of the ocean, with lots of smaller islands at the centre, like an archipelago.

– It’s sunset, and im flying like an eagle across the bay where I see a Galleon (ship) on the other side near a cove.

– As come to rest the other side, there is an odd scene…

– Overlooking the Galleon on the hill is a dead tree, atop of which is a Magpie cleaning its beak.

– Next to the tree is a Grandfather clock, it’s shadow stretches down the hill over the Galleon.

– I notice that the Galleon is at full-sail, yet does not seem to be going anywhere.

– The island is deserted. It’s a pretty island, but it’s quite lonely looking too.

– I notice that the Galleon may not be able to leave the centre of the island – there is no way out.

– A verse from "The Walrus and The Carpenter" springs to my mind…

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