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Dublin last week (running a workshop), Amsterdam this week and Copenhagen next week for Vendor Onsite Readiness Testing, and Site Assessment – it’s been a busy ol’ time!
The Bank Holiday was pretty wet (that would be on account of the rain then…), but it did mean we managed to watch 2 DVDs (about 7 hours) of Supernatural Season 1, which we enjoyed.
Natalie even commented at one stage – "Oh look at the bad compositing there.." with an in-car shot of the starring brothers.
"Looks like a badly un-premultiplied matt to me…".
What a gal…
Natalie has also put up her Race For Life 2007 (Cancer Research) for sponsorship
Encouragement & constributions for a good cause – welcomed!
Right – back to work, and trying to remember my Dutch lessons… (*cough*)
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Spring is sprung … the grass is ris’

… I wonder where the dickie-bird is.. (ooh Matron!)
Having a super weekend here – well in fact we started it a bit early .. on Thursday to be exact ..
Natalie, Vanessa and I went to Wembley to see Bryan Adams play – amazing voice and presence, and Keith Scott makes me want to learn the guitar all over again!
Vanessa’s music is going from strength to strength with Pip. Check out their tribute band :

Go and see them perform live and say "Uncle Trel" sent ya!

Got some new toys to play with today, including an indoor remote control Dragonfly from Firebox, as well as some magic putty

I mean … can life get any better than putty that glows in the dark .. well I ask you..!?

Tomorrow … erm (04:30) today we’re seeing Dom and Annie, and then tomorrow Phil and Aymee.

Talking of my best bud, hot off the press I’ve just made this from some DV footage we took whilst messing about in Cliveden last year.

The Law Of Sherwood <– click

Time for a RoS revival, or my name’s not Alan a Dale…!


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