Fruit Ninja for Kinect [Hilarious]

For Annabelle … fancy a re-match then?? ^_^ (Watch in HD – click to launch YouTube standalone)


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GoPro HD Hero2

This vid is just a great product advert – has it all, surfing, skiing, skydiving, racing, bikini babes, and a pumping sound track. Make sure to play 1080p full screen and see if you agree. Think I might just get one (and a bikini babe) >8o)


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One for you Pip…Ascend!

What have you done!!!?? lol ^_^



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Star Wars : The Old Republic

After getting the Star Wars Complete Sage on Blu-Ray, I’m in the mood for a try of this MMO when it comes out at Christmas.

Couple Bioware with LucasArts and it should be excellent!



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VIDEO: Crazy Driving!

We ❤ A.K.!

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A quick plug for my friend Lucy’s great new web-site:

About Trickywoo…

Thanks for stopping by…

Welcome to the Trickywoo site, a new online shop offering a selection of silver and gemstone jewellery along with other items such as bags & scarves.

I am passionate about providing customers with beautifully hand crafted items. Most items are all Fair Trade as I feel it’s good to know the products have come from a good source that helps people.

Quality is important to me and I am happy to say that all the Jewellery is Sterling Silver unless otherwise stated. All items selected are hand picked specially for the site and I only sell items I would be happy to pay for myself, so it’s all quality stuff!! Perfect for gifts for friends or family or even to treat yourself, go on…your worth it!!

Being a new site I want to spread the word and get as many people as possible knowing about the shop and hopefully tell their friends to come and have a look too. We are even on Facebook so come visit our page and ‘Like’ us pretty please 🙂

If you have any suggestions for the site or want to give feedback please please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you…

Oh and please ‘Like the Facebook Page’ so you can keep up to date with new arrivals and news…

Lucy xx

Silver Gemstone Jewellery, Pendants, Rings and more…

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Plot Device – Magic Bullet Suite 11

I just love this advert for Magic Bullet Suite 11.. brilliant!

LoL @ Stu Maschwitz’s D V Rebel Guide being tossed to one side                      (home movie bible).

I really want to do this now …. except in Pinewood/Black Park! ^__^

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Weekend at Braziers

Braziers weekends are always very special – this one was particuarly special…

Also a little video clip I made.

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Light Strike

Deja vu Nick? – Better start saving ! (omg so nerdy but I still want one! :D)

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“I’m a leaf on the wind…watch how I soar.” – Firefly

Played LaserForce at the weekend – we won 3/1 and I managed top score on 2/3 games – yay!

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