Nigella Talks Dirty

Now I normally don’t post rude things … but this had me in tears.

** Disclaimer **

Do not play at work – or if you are easily offended – you have been warned!

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Servalan Sings Pink Floyd

Cheers for the link Linz – definite tea-snort moment… 😀


We ❤ you really Jacqueline Pearce!

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Skyrim Musical

OK guilty..! >8oD

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Earth Time Lapse from Space

Thanks to my best mate Paul Woodstone for sending me the link to this Time Lapse clip from International Space Station – amazing!

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This is me at work

Uncanny … ^_^


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How English People Sound to Americans

Yee Ning (BTE!) :- this is for your viewing pleasure ^_^

“Nut cracker!” (said with an Eliza Doolittle accent)


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