Doctor Who Anime

Hard to believe someone can create something of this quality – home made anime concept for Dr. Who – one person drew animated and did partial voice over.

Love the voice excerpts of Jon Pertwee (Dr. Who), Roger Delgado (The Master) and Nicholas Courtney (Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart). Enjoy!


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Weekend at Braziers

Braziers weekends are always very special – this one was particuarly special…

Also a little video clip I made.

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Sherlock Holmes – The Last Act (Roger Llewellyn)

Roger Llewellyn is amazing as Sherlock Holmes. He does the entire play solo and what an impeccable voice!

If you want to buy the Audio CD by Big Finish head over here

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Among Hills and Mountains

Thanks to my good Norwegian friend Knut Uppstad for translating this inspirational vdeo
"Made By Norway" for Aker.
The High-Definition version can be found HERE


Mellom bakkar og berg

Among Hills and Mountains

Mellom bakkar og berg ut med havet Among hills and mountains, out by the sea
heve nordmannen fenge sin heim, Has the Norse man found his home,
der han sj√łlv heve tuftene grave Where he dug the foundaitions
og sett sj√łlv sine hus opp√• deim. And put his home upon them.
Han såg ut på dei steinute strender; He looked out on the stony shores
det var ingen, som der hadde bygt. No one had built there before.
"Lat oss rydja og byggja oss grender, "Let us build villages here,
og so eiga me rydningen trygt." So they will be safely ours."
Han såg ut på det bårute havet; He looked out on the rugged sea;
det var ruskut å leggja utpå; It is risky to go out there;
men det leikade fisk ned i kavet, But there’s fish down in the bustle,
og den leiken den ville han sjå. And that, he wants to see.
Fram på vetteren stundom han tenkte: During winter, he often thinks:
Giv eg var i eit varmare land! I wish for a warmer land!
Men når vårsol i bakkarne blenkte, But when the spring sun shines,
fekk han hug til si heimlege strand. He longs for the shores of his home.
Og n√•r liene gr√łnkar som hagar, And when the hilsides grow green,
når det laver av blomar på strå, with an abundance of flowers,
og når netter er ljose som dagar, and the nights are as light as day,
kan han ingen stad venare sjå. this is the most beautiful place.

Lupin Unleased

Hi guys ‘n’ gals!
It’s been ages since i’ve blogged – kinda hard to know where to begin to catch up as i’ve been doing a lot of work travel between Finland, Dublin and¬†UK.
A good opportunity to listen to my Harry Potter Audio CDs (again) Рand a quick dabble with some HP inspired 3D Art.
This one i’ve called Lupin Unleashed – i’m sure you HP fans can guess which book it was inspired by..?

Lupin Unleashed 3 Night 2b

 Hope you like! Smile
>>—> Trelawney

Mystery of Atlantis Video Clip



Well here it is – I hope you like (now with music!) :
Have a great week guys, and thanks for everyone’s e-mails!
>>—> Trelawney

The Mystery of Atlantis

Made some improvements to the lighting and rendering (using Spectral Atmosphere + Ambient Occlusion rather than Global Illumination for the sake of speed).
Also I created two 10-second (24 fps) sequences that (at some point) I will incorporate into a final composition (one is a zoom-in, the other an orbit).
Here are miniature versions of the full render (1920 x 817) for the ‘film-look’ including lens-glow, so you can see how it is shaping up.
Again  just on my laptop Рso if I scale up I will start to add RenderCow nodes.
Atlantis 3-3 Large LG
Atlantis 3-4 Large LG
Don’t know where I am going with this, so another ‘go-with-the-flow’ effort, courtesy of Trelawney!
Hope you like! Smile 
(e-mail me if you’d like full sized versions – I seem to have run out of 1Gb hosting space already!¬†Surprised )
>>—> Trelawney


Great to see Canners on Fri eve. Got my @rse in gear on Sat to finally open up the Ab-Chair that I bought from
Quite a good solution in the end: I put on "The Bourne Ultimatum" DVD on Hi-Def, and worked out for 2 hours, whilst finishing the leftover wine.
Great film btw! I also received the Soundtrack from the first two films – I just love the atmospheric John Powell Orchestral Score used that is reprised in "Bourne On Land" and "Moscow Wind Up" – and will definitely be used by me in future …
No idea what this doodle is … I made it whilst watching a Two Pints" on BBC3 followed by "The Young Ones" on Dave TV.
Jackson Pollock’s? … It may well be! What do you think? Wink
Natalie had a fun day in London today. Meeting up with Vanessa for Cliveden & lunch tomorrow – hope the weather is as good as it was today!
Trelawney Hope 1
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Stargate Atlantis

A bit of a cold and wet weekend, so I decided to have a play around with the PC.
One of the things I enjoy are the intro credits to many of the popular TV shows (e.g. CSI series, Firefly, Stargate SG-1/Atlantis) where they blend a series of images and ideas together.
Well here I found an old¬†one-second render clip i’d previously made using an Atlantis model, so I decided to ‘grunge’ it up a bit to see what came out:


Well … I’m not ready for prime-time (yet Wink) – but not bad for a laptop and a couple of spare hours..?

Click HERE to launch!

>>—> Trelawney

P.S. Happy Birthday Aymee! x

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