Fujau Academy

Fujau Academy
Yoga and 9-Limb & Thai Kick Boxing Training
Awesome club, great guys and a superb teacher
(Master Bedlow)

 >>—> Trelawney 

Something for the ladies…

It’s Friday before the Bank Holiday – yay!
Today it’s a turn for all the nice ladies who have e-mailed / PM’ed me to ask if I can create some images of men for a change, and not just young nubile, scantily clad women.
"Fair enough.." , said I –
"To show no prejudice, I’ll do a self-portrait in me ‘Calvin Kleines’,
and then see how biased I am…"
And if you believe I look like this … you’ll believe anything!
Have a great weekend and Bank Holiday (and please … no more women’s underwear in the post!)
>>—> Trelawney
P.S. I’ve run out of host space for full sized images, but feel free to e-mail me if you’d like a full sized version.

Burnham Beeches Nature Trail

Whoops, I’m running about a week behind on my Blogs … been a busy bee!
Last weekend (13th August), I went along to really nice Nature Trail Walk.
An event held in Burnham Beeches  for adults and children.
The Beeches are interestingly enough owned by The City of London Corporation (125th anniversary)

I went with my sister, brother-in-law, my 2 nephews and niece.
– Yes Uncle-Trel was "Horsey!" again!
We met at Victoria Cross with about 20 other people, and were greeted by three of the organisers and our Nature Trail storyteller Peter ‘Beltaine’ Hearn.
Now it normally takes quite a lot to impress me, but Beltaine (Peter Hearn) is someone I thoroughly enjoyed meeting, so i’m going to unashamedly plug him here.
Read-on (and see the photos) to find out why….

The Storyteller
will weave words around you in
Story, Song & Poetry
Peter Hearn is an author, storyteller,
poet, teacher, musician and folklorist

Contact  Peter Hearn, 18 Hill Piece, Chilton, Oxon, OX11 0SX
Tel: 01235 820699  e-mail: peterhearn@beltaine.fsnet.co.uk

Beltaine told us tales of lore and legend, of faeries and druids, magical talking creatures, and woodland spirits.
Each tale he would show us a different musical instrument, it’s origins and a story based around it (see pics).
Both children and adults were enchanted as we were led around a beautiful trail of ancient trees and groves in Burnham Beeches.
The event was FREE (thank you The City of London!), but there was an opportunity to contribute (which we all did) toward the upkeep of the woodland.
It was so refreshing to find a genuine storyteller that I wanted to share this experience, and and opportunity for others to get in contact with Beltaine.
Thanks Peter – it was a pleasure to meet you!
 >>—> Trelawney

Vampire Paul Tribute

Hi all
Here’s a little something I did for a good buddy of mine (known online as VampirepauL), who has been a most splendid friend over the years, and a generally excellent dude.
Here’s my tribute to you mate – Hope you like!
>>—> Trelawney
P.S. That’ll be £200 as agreed in used bank notes ok? 

New HP: GoF Preview & Frank Bryce!

Hi all!
Hope you’ve had a good week? – Mine’s been rockingly-good and getting better!
Well the images and movie previews of HP: GoF are really starting to fly in by Owl-Post now.
For those that may have missed the new trailer on TV this week, here’s a link to see it.

Now for the best bit. Look who they got to play Frank Bryce – Eric Sykes!
What a great guy – so well respected, so I think he’s perfect for the part. For those of you who know the story it’s kinda sad too, eh?
Anyrodeup – I have to toodle-pip along to meet my sister, brother in law, two nephews and niece for a Nature Trail walk around Burnham Beeches
I suspect "Uncle Trel" will end up being "horsey!" – but i’ve said that the kids need to have a go as well as the adults …
Some people are just to old to be carried – sheesh!.
Take care!
>>—> Trelawney

A Day at Cliveden

Today I visited Cliveden (Clief-den) near Taplow, Berkshire, overlooking the Thames.
A beautiful stately home, originally built in 1666 by the 2nd Duke of Buckingham who levelled the hilltop to make room for a house, and a series of terraces below in the Italian Renaissance style.
Succeeding inhabitants have included a Prince of Wales, two dukes and a wealthy Anglo-American dynasty.
They employed the best designers of their day to create a garden on a grand scale, ornamented with a world-class collection of sculpture and sheltered by extensive woodland plantations.
A truly beautiful place to visit, and thouroughly recommended! In fact, I joined the National Trust, just so I can go back there regularly to enjoy walks, and do some more photography.
I’ve created a new photo album and am uploading a small selection of images, which i’ll add to as I sort my photos out.
I hope you guys like the pics!

Trelawney’s Magical Moment (click me)

I had a magical and uplifting experience when in the Secret Gardens.

A beautiful Peacock butterfly (‘Inachis io’ – Nymphalidae family) landed on on my shoulder, too many ‘oohs‘ and ‘ahhs‘ from nearby people.

I felt like I had just been blessed. – Isn’t nature wonderful?

Better still I managed to get this photo!



>>—> Trelawney


Cloth & Hair Simulation : – Most people never even think about this when watching computer animations, but an awful lot of hard work goes into making sure that clothes and hair move realistically.
If anyone has watched the The Incredibles, if you bought the DVD, you may have seen on the 2nd DVD the Making of the Incredibles (as well as the funny Jack-Jack-Attack!) .
Did you see how hard it was for them to make Violet’s hair animate, and how to make the hair look wet (and heavy) when Helen Parr (Elastigirl), Dash and Vi land in the sea?
Now that’s incredible in my book!

Much as I would like, I don’t have any Silicon Graphics workstations at home (only hamster powered PCs!), but still here’s my own humble efforts using my "Clothes Horse – Lany", and although the results aren’t perfect, I quite like these early tests – so she’s today’s Desktop.
Hope you like her too!



>>—> Trelawney

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