Pottermore in Beta – to open in April!

I am so looking forward to seeing Harry Potter story retold thought Pottermore. Much as I enjoyed the films they were an abridged interpretation, and only the books and Stephen Fry unabridged audiobooks are the real HP for me.

What do you think?


In separate BBC News : JK Rowling announces title of first adult novel

Author JK Rowling has announced her first adult novel will be called The Casual Vacancy.

The Harry Potter writer revealed in February that she was working on the book, and said it would be “very different” from her previous material.

The book will be published worldwide in hardback, e-book and as an audio download and CD on 27 September.

“The freedom to explore new territory is a gift that Harry’s success has brought me,” Rowling said.

The story is centred on the death of Barry Fairweather, whose unexpected passing shocks the local villagers of Pagford.

Publishers Little, Brown & Co said: “Pagford is, seemingly, an English idyll, with a cobbled market square and an ancient abbey, but what lies behind the pretty facade is a town at war.”

The company describes the tale as being “blackly comic, thought-provoking and constantly surprising”.


JK Rowling speaking to the BBC about her future projects in 2011

Speaking at the premiere of the final Potter movie last year, Rowling told BBC News that the movie marked the start of a new writing direction.

“I think I always felt that I didn’t want to publish again until the last film was out, because Potter has been such a huge thing of my life.

“I’ve been writing hard ever since I finished writing [Harry Potter and the Deathly] Hallows, so I’ve got a lot of stuff. And I suppose it’s a question of deciding which one comes out first.”

More than 450 million copies of Rowling’s seven Potter books have been sold worldwide.

The novels, about a boy wizard who survives the attack that kills his parents, became a worldwide phenomenon and were turned into eight blockbuster films starring Daniel Radcliffe.

When the final instalment of the book series went on sale in 2007, thousands of copies sold in minutes.

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R.I.P. Richard ‘Kip’ Carpenter

AssignmentX Article (thanks to Natalie for forwarding!)

ROBIN OF SHERWOOD creator Richard Carpenter 

ROBIN OF SHERWOOD creator Richard Carpenter

Richard Carpenter, creator of the British series’ CATWEAZLE, THE GHOSTS OF MOTLEY HALL, DICK TURPIN, SMUGGLER, ADVENTURER and the iconic ROBIN OF SHERWOOD, died yesterday, Feb. 26, at his home in Hertfordshire, England. He was 78 years old. Cause of death was given as heart attack.

Anthony Horowitz, creator/writer of the FOYLE’S WAR television series and author of the best-selling Alex Ryder action thriller novels, last year told the British daily THE GUARDIAN that Carpenter had given him his start as a screenwriter in the third season of ROBIN OF SHERWOOD.

Horowitz said, “It was one of the biggest shows on television. It was as though an unknown writer was given six episodes of DOWNTON ABBEY, but Richard, who was known as Kip, just said, ‘Go for it!’ … I wrote five episodes … Richard Carpenter taught me how to get into a scene and how to get out of it. He was my starting point … I had the greatest time of my life working on the show.”

Born in Norfolk, England, Carpenter started in show business as an actor before turning to writing scripts. In addition to his original creations, he also did television adaptations of THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL, THE BORROWERS, BLACK BEAUTY, STANLEY’S DRAGON and I WAS A RAT, among other credits. However, the three seasons of ROBIN OF SHERWOOD are arguably Carpenter’s best-known work

ROBIN OF SHERWOOD Blu-ray box artROBIN OF SHERWOOD Blu-ray box art

Although ROBIN went out of production in 1985 and had its last set of first-run episodes broadcast in 1986, many of the cast and crew remain close in 2012 and there is still an active fandom. Carpenter appreciated this high degree of camaraderie among both his ROBIN colleagues and their admirers.

In an interview that is part of the making-of documentary on the ROBIN OF SHERWOOD DVDs (and now Blu-rays), Carpenter said, “If I was in any way responsible for people having a friendship that has lasted, then I’m very proud of that. I’m sort of as proud of that as I am of the series, because that’s even more important than a series, actually. It really is.”

Carpenter is survived by his wife Annabel Lee, children Harriet and Tom, and two grandsons.

In reply to the Robin of Sherwood fan-club, Jeremy Bulloch (Edward of Wickham) had this to say…

Hi Christine
yes it’s very sad news.
I spoke to Annie this morning and she is very shocked.
Tom & Harriet are being a great comfort to her.Here are a few words on my feelings about Kip.
Nothing is Forgotten and Kip will certainly never be  far from our thoughts.
My memories of the long days filming and Kip’s quiet way of asking for the
dialogue not to be changed too much kept the Merries in their place.
I felt very honoured to play the part of “Edward of Wickham”and I was surprised
that we didn’t do a fourth season.
Thanks to you Kip for letting me play the part of the holy village leader.
You’ll never be forgotten.Never.
R.I.P. Kip, you will be missed but your legacy remains.
Nothing’s forgotten. Nothing is ever forgotten!
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“Brainy is the new sexy..”

Words uttered by The Woman, Irene Adler in Series 2 of the award winning Sherlock Holmes BBC TV Series.

Perfect casting and acting, amazing production values including writing, directing, camera work, post production and of course superb music! You’d have to know me well to understand that as a huge SH fan (for those of you who didn’t know my online name comes from a character in one of the classic SH cases), that I am very selective on what I like, and hearing of a modern re-imagining had given me reservations that I could possibly entertain regarding this as anything but another SH cash-in. How wrong I was. With writers/creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, I needn’t have worried. If you have any doubts, get the BluRay DVD Series 1 & 2 and your day will fly by..

They manage to write entirely fresh versions of the stories, with some very amusing nods to the originals, yet remain respectful at all times. Fans and those new to SH love it!

Does anyone else ever stand in the middle of a room, look around at everything and ask yourself “What can I observe here that tells me something?”, or is it just me? I find it’s a fun exercise to try. Small things really do give away more information than you might think.

Good, ..so it’s not just me then… ^_^

A Study In Pink, A Scandal in Belgravia, The Hounds of Baskerville, The Reichenbach Fall, The Speckled Blonde (..lol!) to name just a few re-tellings..

I have found what it is to love British TV again.. after RoS, Merlin and Dr. Who. ❤

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StandOut Training

Now it’s not often that I post personal stuff here, but I’m prepared to bare all today, and let you know the results of a recent assessment I took.

Markus Buckingham’s StandOut training was an interesting insight, and our group all took this so we better understood the team dynamics. Here’s my results. Do you think this captures me well or not? (no right/wrong answer)

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Harry Potter Set Tour, London

Wo0t! Anyone wanna come with me? >8o)

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Brains and beauty (not to mention money) J.K. Rowling has it all… /sigh

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

What another fantastic story! – JKR Thank you!
So what did you lot think then? – I see the various forums are buzzing with much speculation and rumour!

 Warning Spoiler Alert 
– Read only after reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – 

Great sources for Harry Potter  news and gossip: 
Feel free to contribute under Comments, but please be nice and respect everyone’s opinions. Well okay, except if they are from Slytherin and if their parents are clearly Death Eaters…
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P.S. Adding some new stills from the forthcoming HP: GoF film