The Iconic Welshman…

Here’s a new Web2.0 Style Icon I made for Live Messenger and my Windows login…
( /tumbleweed Smile )

Welsh Dragon 3 (Glossy)

The original PNG / ICO files support alpha transparency … but you get the idea Wink
>>—> Trelawney

An ‘Axe’ to die for…?

My mate ‘Canners’ showed me this custom Axe. Couldn’t resist blogging about it. Nice Smile
>>—> Trelawney


After 17 years in Project Management, I finally got around to sitting (and passing) both of my PRINCE2 (PM) Foundation and Practitioner exams before Christmas – whey hey!
Has it changed the way I manage projects? – Nope – I just have bigger words for things wot I dun before… 😉
Had all the (anticipated) Prince jokes about Purple Rain, Sheena Easton, Symbol and bad moustaches .. was it worth it I wonder Wink
So … just to recap in case you missed it first time:
PRINCE2 Certified!
>>—> Trelawney


Having recently picked up my guitar again, I re-learned a (beautiful) piece of classical guitar music by Steve Hackett called "Kim" that has a special significance to me.
Steve Hackett was hugely inspirational to me, and after seeing him perform live at Leicester Polytechnic (as it was then), it made me realise that classical guitar was in fact rather nice (not to mention the doors it opened in the female halls of residence Tongue out).
Anyhow – if you only think of Genesis when you hear the name Steve Hackett, go and look again and you will be pleasantly surprised. This is my dedication to the man, his track (from "Please Don’t Touch"), and the meaning it has for me – set to graphics I made in EQ sync – quite hypnotic 🙂


Hope you like!

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Birthday Treat (“Ulla!”)


Mid December saw me finally reach the big "4-0" Surprised though i’m really still a young Spring Chicken at heart .. or was that Rubber … Wink !

My treat was a near front-row seat to see Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds at the O2 (Millenium Dome for those out of touch 😉 )

Richard Burton in holographic form, massive CGI backdrop – a 46 piece orchestra plus main ‘band’, and amazing special effects such a 50ft Martin (see attached photo plus Photo Library) –

All in all, an amazing experience thanks to my very kind g/f who purchased the tickets back in January ’07!

… and yes, I do remember the original when it came out on double-vinyl … and yes I did mime every line … No one could have believed.. (oh yes!)


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>>—> Trelweney ("Ulla!")