Happy Easter!

It’s Easter time already – can you believe it?
Well if the excellent weather holds out, it will be a great Bank Holiday weekend for us in the UK.
Work at Microsoft is going well, with another productive Dublin trip under the belt. Next it’s Process Documentation crunch-time!
The Fu Jau website work has really gone well – in fact it’s really fired me up. Here’s a sneak peek of the proposed web intro animation:


I shall say no more for now…, except the students will be in for a bit of treat by the time it’s all put together – mu ha!
Here’s a Happy Birthday to my best buddy Phil (and his wife Aymee), and also to Gini and Steve in NZ who are soon to expect their first baby! I STILL haven’t seen Jason and Clair’s baby Felix.
I will be spending tomorrow with my two nephews and niece (as well as the whole family of course), who I haven’t seen since Christmas (and still have some presents that arrived late … VERY late!)
Yesterday Mum & Dad came up from Wales to spend the weekend with the family – I took them on a lovely new walk in Burnham Beeches – the weather yesterday evening was perfect, and we ended up with a nice Chinese (meal not person!)
Today Natalie is busy sorting her shed & garden out, whilst pining for a Wii (Nintendo that is!), Leanne is going to explore Wales, Cheryl is probably doing the usual million things, Tracy is moving house, and Vanessa was possibly going to get her new R1 motorbike, to go with her personalised plate and new leathers (down fellas!). – Me? I’m going to have a lovely peaceful day to myself, and catch up on some Zzzs…
May everyone have a relaxing and choccy filled Easter – and of course it’s a time of Rememberance too!
Take it easy everyone!
>>—> Trelawney