Today – my MSN Spaces broke the 3000 views mark – ‘rah!
A huge Thank You!  to everyone who has visited these pages, and to those that have kindly left Comments, and those who have E-mailed me.

You’ve made my day!

    THANK YOU!    

To say thanks, I’ve managed to get Windows Media Player to run on my MSN Space, and even a playlist of 3 of my Animations and one Music track.
  • Swear To Guard It (Robin of Sherwood animation – Herne & Albion)
  • Cold Feet theme (by Mark Russell) – love this moody piece
  • Wish You Were Here (Trelawney Dream animation)
  • Nasir Tribute (Robin of Sherwood animation – Nasir played by Mark Ryan)
You’ll see the animations buffering (up to 16Mb), but when they start to run, you can either view them in the blog window, or Media Player (Right-Click) -> Zoom -> Full Screen, and you will see why they take so long to load as they are full resolution!

 Also new & improved:
  • Archives (right column) View previous months (& > 25 blog limit)
  • Cateogry View (left column) – View Blogs by Category 

Right – off on a Tai Chi weekend at Offley Place in Hertfordshire :
Really looking forward to it now!
Have a good ‘un!
>>—> Trelawney

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